Lawn and Garden Maintenance Tips for Spring

March 9, 2015 | by Guest Blogger
Lawn and Garden Maintenance Tips for Spring

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Spring is the time when the warm sun is out and the wind is cool. A perfect time for cookouts, family celebrations and backyard parties. While some regions are still covered in snow, others are beginning to see hints of spring! That said, it’s a great time for you to roll up your sleeves for some garden maintenance for spring. Once you’re done, your lawn will be all set to be the perfect venue for family get-togethers and some fun times with friends!

Clean and Repair

If you had taken all the appropriate measures for a winter garden, chances are your garden will be in good state. All you will need to do is some maintenance  get it back in shape for spring. Identify problem areas like dead grass, leaves and wet soil and clear them up. Uneven ground can be a problem so make sure your ground is even. Low areas can cause drainage problems where soil can collect and thicken. Use a garden fork to aerate the area to loosen the soil for better drainage and to allow roots to grow.

Plant Some Fresh Grass

The harsh winter is likely to have taken a toll on your lawn. So bring it back to life by planting some fresh grass. Reseed areas of the grass that may have gone dead or brown. It’s good to get a soil test to check if it’s in the right condition to be reseeded. Once done, check for different varieties of seeds that will go well with the climate in the region. Make sure to keep a regular check on the grass after you’ve planted the seeds.

Fertilize to Keep the Weeds Away

When you’ve planted grass, your job isn’t done yet. Use a good quality fertilizer to keep the weeds away from eating away your spring garden. Fertilizing the garden replenishes the nutrients that your garden needs to become healthy. It is important fertilize the lawn every few weeks during spring. Make sure you apply the right quantity of fertilizer to the grass to keep the weeds away and water it too.

Water the Grass

For a healthy, lush green lawn, it’s important to regularly water your plants and grass. Water your lawn every other day to ensure the plants and flowers are healthy and get nutrition. It is recommended to use sprinklers if you have a big garden. Sprinklers spray water evenly in their own radius, so you don’t have to worry about some areas getting less water than others.

Keep the Maintenance Equipment in Top Shape

It’s not only the lawn, plants and soil that make the garden beautiful but the tools that you use for garden maintenance are equally important as well. Make sure you have the lawn mower repaired, oiled and cleaned. Use a putty knife to clean the lawn mowing equipment and replace the filter too. Clean the blade to check if there is any rust or debris on it from previous year.

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