Learning, Eco-Friendly Plumbing and Thinking on Your Feet

| by Dave Sweet
Learning, Eco-Friendly Plumbing and Thinking on Your Feet

Debbie and I have lived in many "temporary" houses during construction projects, and each had a unique character that we shaped by adding onto or renovating them. We're truly excited about this project because it encompasses so much of my knowledge and the experiences of everyone we're working with.

For more than 30 years I've enjoyed keeping up with residential building trends and innovative materials and practices. Plumbing is obviously a major system, and you might be surprised at the variety of eco-friendly options available. For my family's new home I considered a number of interesting components including PEX tubing, energy-efficient toilets and other fixtures, and a water-saving outdoor watering system. I learned that not only can those products reduce waste and save both water and energy, they often outperform their conventional counterparts.

I learned earlier in my career that sometimes you just have to think on your feet. On this project, even with help right from the start from Rick Staub and Greg Echtman of Point One Architects, there were a few complications.

First Bill Zdon, a great expert resource and my original choice to build my home, hit a snag on another job before we got started. To stay on schedule I had to get someone else to start on framing. Next, to avoid a price increase I had purchased windows earlier than I would have liked. When we got to framing the family room we realized several of the windows wouldn't work with the insulation plan. Thinking on my feet, I opted not to compromise my original framing plan and ordered replacement windows at the higher cost.

Overall, keeping a level head, consulting with other professionals, and knowing all my options before making on-the-fly decisions help keep projects on track and makes the overall experience more fun!

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