Lessons from the Framing Stage - Details and Patience

| by Dave Sweet
Lessons from the Framing Stage - Details and Patience

When we got to the framing walkthroughs at my family's eco-friendly home, seeing the building envelope take shape was exciting!

We live in a colder region, so teaming up with my architect, the building inspector and others on details ordinary construction techniques miss was important. Poured concrete is much more porous than people realize. A 10"-thickness has only an "R-1" rating, meaning it has the same resistance to heat flow as a single pane of glass. The exterior of our foundation has 2" of XPS rigid insulation that doesn't absorb moisture, and the inside has 2" of rigid insulation. The entire foundation is surrounded with waterproofing to keep moisture out and control the home's indoor comfort level.

I paid special attention to spaces where the roof and walls meet and heat tends to escape, with a seamless insulation transition from rooftop to foundation. It may sound strange, but the rooftop plywood is covered in insulated up to R30. it's part of an advanced framing technique that creates a tight frame. Heat also tends to get away through corners where interior and exterior walls meet, so I spaced the studs just a little away from the corners to allow these corners to be insulated. These are the little details that will make a big difference in our energy bills!

It's easy to get frustrated, like when we were pushing ahead with the framing with cold weather on the way. I have to remind myself how important it is to maintain the timeline and  coordinate others' efforts. It comes down to speed versus quality, so I try not to let small unexpected delays get my blood pressure up!

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