Lindal Cedar Homes' process

| by Dan Wise
Lindal Cedar Homes' process

The entire process of a Lindal home, from forest to completion at the building site is a proven, well-orchestrated endeavor. Over 200 Lindal employees are hands-on from planning, designing, development, assembling and shipping. Lindal’s proven philosophy of home building continues with over 150 independent Lindal Cedar Homes dealers throughout the United States, Canada and other reaches throughout the world. Theses independent dealers are extensively trained and experienced to know the quality demands of Lindal. They work with local builders to make sure local codes are met, as well as site planning with the homeowner as to take advantage of the building site’s natural attributes to maximize the aesthetics of home and nature. Their knowledge of land-use issues, climatic considerations and financing options is an invaluable asset. The independent dealer is with the homeowner throughout the entire process, working with Lindal and the local builder.

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Dan Wise
Dan started in the construction industry thirty-five years ago and from the beginning was involved in sustainable construction. Upon forming his own company, he used his experience and education in studying engineering at Penn State to provide sustainable energy efficient construction to his clients. Wise Construction is a Certified Green Builder and Remodeler by the Home Innovations Research Labs and is committed to high performance sustainable construction as a standard. Dan is a NAHB Certified Green Professional and was named the NAHB Green Builder Advocate of the Year in 2013. He currently chairs the Green Codes and Standards sub-committee for the NAHB. www

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