Made in America: A growing trend in new home construction

| by Shelley Ross
Made in America: A growing trend in new home construction

Today’s building and construction industry has an increased interest to take responsibility for the ecological and social impacts of its operations. The construction of American-made homes has become a new option for homebuilders that not only delivers a more sustainable built environment for the future, but also provides new construction and manufacturing jobs as we emerge from the recession.

Modesto, CA-based Fitzpatrick Homes is taking the concept of the American-made home to the next level by building entire communities based on this idea. From the bottom of the foundation to the top of the roof, all 68 homes under construction in their new Milestone and Summerfield communities in Turlock, CA will be built using only American-made materials, including Boral Roofing and Cultured Stone by Boral products. They are the only all-American made homes in California’s Central Valley.

Boral Brick in Fitzpatrick Homes

Boral’s roofing and stone products were selected by the homebuilder because of the quality and beauty of the products and its proximity to nearby manufacturing plants in Stockton and Napa. Fitzpatrick's decision to select regionally manufactured roof tiles and stone products over materials made in Mexico, for example, is resulting in the production of less smog and gas being used by the semi-trucks transporting the products.

Using materials to build homes that are only manufactured in the USA reflects a growing trend of companies that want to contribute to greater environmental and economic benefits for specific regions. Through lower carbon products, lifecycle assessment, community engagement and a genuine commitment to recycling and reuse, Boral Industries Inc. has consistently helped their customers and clients throughout the U.S. respond to change, both regulatory and climatic.

It's encouraging to see more builders such as Fitzpatrick Homes implementing American-made materials into their homes more frequently and on a larger scale. American-made homes support our economy, protect our environment and keep manufacturing jobs strong in America. It also ignites pride and unites the companies and people that support and help grow the Made in America movement. 

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