Radiant heat goes where you go for safe comfort in RV, motorhome or boat

| by Monica Irgens
Radiant heat goes where you go for safe comfort in RV, motorhome or boat

If you enjoy the safe, consistent comfort of radiant heat in your home, you will want it in your mobile home – whether it is a RV, motorhome, houseboat, cruiser or van. Wherever you travel it seems the nighttime temperatures tend to drop, sometimes significantly. Motorhomes tends to cool down more so than homes due to their thinner walls and insulation.

STEP Warmfloor® has provided heating solutions in the auto industry for a long time. Its thin heating element is only 3/64 inches thick and can go under any floor without affecting the operation of doors or cabinets. It can even be installed in the walls, under seat cushions, under bed….anywhere you want comfortable heat.

Radiant Heat for a Mobile Home, RV or Boat

The radiant heat element of STEP RV™ is self-regulating, and cannot overheat. It has a higher wattage output than the standard residential elements due to the higher heat loss in a recreational vehicle.

As the floor or cushions get warmer, less electricity passes through the plastic material.  Normally connected to a 24V power supply, STEP RV can also run on solar and wind power. If it connected to a 12V power supply it will give ¼ the maximum power.

So, enjoy your travels even more this year with radiant heat. It will not only add comfort to you, it will add value to your traveling investment. For more information visit www.warmfloor.com

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Monica Irgens

Monica is President of Electro Plastics, Inc., manufacturer of STEP Warmfloor® heating systems: a patented, low-voltage, self-regulating flat and thin heater. Monica has been in the radiant heating industry for over 20 years. She was member of the Radiant Panel Association for 15 years, served on the RPA Board of Directors as chairperson of the Electric Committee and the Green Committee. Monica is also a member of the USGBC and has been involved in the design of LEED registered buildings.

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