My favorite way to save energy

| by Erik Anderson
My favorite way to save energy

My wife and I have a favorite item for saving energy. It's our in-wall occupancy sensors in the bathrooms and powder room of our home. This solution provides three important benefits: saving energy, lighting safe pathways and creating "ambiance" for the spaces.

When entering each space the following items occur:

  1. The lights automatically turn on when a person enters creating a safe path.
  2. The light levels over the vessel sinks are "dimmed" so they showcase the space "just right" according to my wife — ambiance.
  3. The sensors are set to turn off one minute after detecting no movement in the rooms. These are small spaces so a minute is reasonable, we could increase that up to 30 minutes if needed — energy savings.

These sensors were from Lutron Electronics.

Topics: Lighting

Companies: Lutron

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