No noise is good noise

| by Brian Wellnitz
No noise is good noise

One of the main complaints about range hoods, especially inexpensive ones, is the noise. If you have a boiling pot of something on the stove and turn on the fan on high, it feels like you're next to an airliner next in line for take off.

If you have an older home with the original equipment range hood, you'll be surprised at how quiet new models can be. Fans get louder over time as components wear, and new technology has dramatically cut the noise levels.

One way to make kitchen ventilation quieter is to mount the blower motor up in the duct, rather than in the kitchen. That simple design change can displace a lot of the noise.

Some fans are so quiet, especially at lower speeds, that we put a light on it to remind you it's running.

For example, Broan's EVOLUTION 4 model has a boost setting that moves up to 630 CFM but is ultra-quiet at less than 0.3 sones at working speed. One sone is about the sound level of quiet modern refrigerator. 

The Elite E64000 Series offers high power with two sones or less at normal speed.

So if you're looking for a relaxing cooking experience, there are range hoods on the market that can bring peace and quiet to your kitchen.

Topics: Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation

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