Not What We Sell – But How We Sell It

| by Steven Baczek
Not What We Sell – But How We Sell It

I’ve been designing renovations, additions, and new homes for almost 25 years now. It’s been a rewarding journey to say the least. More so, it’s been an educational journey. While I have gained some education in how we build and renovate our homes, the real education is what I have learned sitting across from my clients for 25 years. Their hopes, dreams, delusions, and philosophies have been enlightening to say the least. While it is a given that every project solves for some level of aesthetics, there are five other main concepts that I invoke to shape a project. They are Health, Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Durability, and Environmental Responsibility. The first four are directly related to performance. Environmental responsibility can be written within the first four, but also has ample opportunity to stand on its own merit in most projects. While each of these concepts could be a source for an individual blog for each, my point here is how they are viewed as a group of concepts.

While I have done numerous extremely energy efficient homes, I’ve come to learn “Energy Efficiency” is a hard sell. Imagine being a car salesman, and trying to sell that new Mercedes based on its gas mileage. The prospective buyers would be looking at you cross eyed. But what if the tactic was to address the health, comfort, and lasting engineering of the car – and oh by the way, this car will get 2x the gas mileage of their current car. Well there you have it – why can’t we prioritize our expectations for our home. Why can’t we desire health, comfort, and durability, and oh by the way, this how will be a reduction of 50%, 60% or 80% of your current home. Yes it can be done, I do it every week.

While many say they want “Green” or “Sustainable” design, when the wheels hit the road, it can be a hard sell. But clients do understand and greatly appreciate comfort, durability, and health. The reality is, if I solve for these three, I get “Energy Efficiency” as a by-product along for the ride. I find as the main driver, energy efficiency is a challenge. But as a net result, it can be very easy to achieve. Moral of the story – It’s not what we are selling that is the problem, rather it’s how we sell it...

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