ODL Resolves to Eliminate Wet Glaze by 2021

ODL Resolves to Eliminate Wet Glaze by 2021

Resolve™ Sealant

Resolve™ sealant from ODL, Inc., a leader in frame-and-seal technology, is changing the game for door glass installation. The new foam seal offers high-quality application and long-term performance in comparison to traditional glazing methods. Perhaps equally as important to the curb-appeal-concerned homeowner, is that the new technology eliminates the need for wet glaze, which often oozes out and taints the beauty of the door glass it holds. 

ODL’s goal is to discontinue the use of wet glaze in product application by 2021. But this resolution isn’t just for aesthetic reasons. There are a myriad of benefits to using a dry foam sealant over a wet one. ResolveTM helps to make ODL doorglass resistant to air and water and has no sticky elements that attract dirt and grime.

ResolveTM is a one-part thermoset seal that is applied consistently time after time with a state-of -the-art automated application process. The seal secures door glass in place, and is being marketed alongside decorative doorglass from ODL.

For more information, visit www.odl.com.

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