Our New Year of Products and Expertise

| by Dave Sweet
Our New Year of Products and Expertise

My wife and I kicked off the New Year in the saltbox cottage that has been our temporary home during the construction of our new eco-friendly home. By mid-January framing was nearly complete so we selected a house wrap system to protect the structure from wind, moisture and infiltration. House wrap is a layer of man-made film that allows moisture to escape while blocking it from the outside to keep the structure and materials dry until the outer layers of the home are in place.

Tyvek, a well-known example, is a continuous non-woven, non-perforated sheet, where other products are perforated. I wanted to consider a number of options based on our construction techniques and the local climate, so I asked Andrew Vissar of GCP Applied Technologies to review our project. We chose VyCor, a relatively new fully adhered material for the residential market that works especially well in the Northeast. I liked that it bonds to the surface without extra tapes to apply it.

Meeting with Andrew is another example of benefitting from other experts' knowledge. One place to do that is a trade show like the AHR Expo (International Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigerating Exposition). At last year’s AHR Expo I had the pleasure to speak with Dr. Allison Bailes III, an eco-friendly homebuilder and author of the Energy Vanguard blog. I also spoke to  Jay Egg, a foremost authority on all things geothermal, and one of the best HVAC trainers in the industry, Taco FloPro Team Trainer John Barba.

In addition to talking to people one on one, I also recommend the Better Business Bureau's website, where  it's easy to learn about different companies and find valuable consumer information so that you can make informed decisions.

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