Passive house performance monitoring solutions

| by Christian Gilbert
Passive house performance monitoring solutions

Easily measure and manage the performance of your passive house with PowerWise Systems monitoring and control technology. Monitor circuit-level electricity, environmental conditions, renewable energy, HVAC, water, and gas. Manage your HVAC with online dashboard controls from PowerWise Systems.

Leading passive house consultants helped develop and refine this performance management solution. Know the costs, impact, and output for all of your important building systems:

  • Circuit-level electricity
  • Ground-source heat pumps
  • Home comfort conditions
  • Minisplit heat pumps
  • PV (solar) power
  • Wind power
  • Solar hot water
  • Water use

Create a simple or complete passive house monitoring package. See our broad selection of dashboard options, from data-intensive displays to building-system focused solutions. PowerWise Systems is a leader in passive house performance monitoring with 50 installations to date.

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