Pennsylvania homeowner retrofits home with geothermal, instantly saves

| by Titian Burris
Pennsylvania homeowner retrofits home with geothermal, instantly saves

The cold that long nagged Dwight Nadig physically and financially has been replaced by the comfort of a ClimateMaster geothermal system.

The unit was installed recently at Nadig’s York, Pa., home. In just a short time, he has racked up savings of more than $1,000 a year just in heating the 35-year-old, single-story home. Perhaps more importantly, Nadig and his wife are no longer inconvenienced by having to buy costly heating oil and turn down the thermostat to trim expenses.

“The house was always coming up from being cold,” Nadig said.

The energy exerted to heat up the home put a pinch on Nadig’s budget, making the existing oil-based system cost-prohibitive. Besides that, the HVAC system became dirty and, even worse, smelled.

Nadig knew he needed to make a switch. He had heard about ClimateMaster geothermal technology – moved by its efficiency and reasonable price – and took bids from a half-dozen contractors to install the system.

The system entailed drilling two 240-feet deep boreholes and installing a three-ton Tranquility 27 Series heat pump.

Helping make the project appealing to Nadig, he received an $800 rebate from his electric company. He also anticipates that, with the credits and savings he’ll experience, he will make back what he paid out for the geothermal system in just a few years.

“Geothermal saves us money, and we can keep the house at a nearly constant temperature,” Nadig said.

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