Picking out a fireplace

| by Teena Hammond
Picking out a fireplace

I've been obsessing over fireplaces lately. I know. Kind of a strange thing to obsess over. But hey, it's winter and I love staying warm. Basic math, right?

I'd like to install a fireplace into my existing home, so I've been looking at various options. From woodburning to gas or those that operate on ethanol. Well, there are so many choices. Here are a few I've been considering:

EcoSmart Zeta fireplace

Geo-Form has designed a fireplace fueled by ethanol and it features a stainless steel swivel base. The main body is carved up from a high frequency heated aluminum mold and wrapped in leather.

Arkaine wall-mountable fireplaces

The Icoi and Yan-Li are two wall-mountable offerings from Arkaine. The fireplaces have steel bodies and can hang on a wall. They're equipped with glass doors to open or close depending on the heat level desired. Dried wood can be used as fuel.

Prestigious Fireplaces

Eco friendly bioethanol fireplaces from Prestigious Fireplaces are portable and can be used anywhere.

Spark Fire Ribbon fireplace

Direct vent fireplaces are popular and this version from Spark has an architectural aspect for pleasing aesthetics. It's covered by a fixed ceramic glass window. The direct-vent draws outside air to reduce heat loss.

EcoSmart Igloo fireplace

The Igloo fireplace is completely freestanding and is rectangular with a hard glass frame. It's eyecatching, to say the least.

Schultedesign Fire Furniture fireplace

A coffee table fireplace? That's exactly what German furniture company Schulte has carved up. The Fire Furniture lines include fireplaces in various stainless steel and wood designs. Very cool. And handy, too.

Blomus smokeless fireplace

The Vidro, a fireplace designed by German designers Blomus, is fueled by smokeless ethanol. This model also comes in a smaller size suited to homes with less space.

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