Plans and Planning; It’s All About Learning

| by Dave Sweet
Plans and Planning; It’s All About Learning

As you know, my wife and I are building an eco-friendly home. Our idea is to use the best materials and building techniques to get the right blend of cutting edge sustainability and “livability”! It has taken a lot of research, and more importantly a lot of expert advice, but we’ve learned what it takes to get the results we want.

You may find a stock plan that fits every need, and that’s great. You might also find that plan won’t fit on a lot you have your heart set on. Whatever the situation, a first step is to decide whether to use a stock plan, whether you’ll need help to modify a stock plan, or whether it’s best to engage an architect with the particular expertise to design just what you want.

The obvious advantage of a stock plan is cost, and even at a lower cost than custom you can be assured they were prepared by qualified architects and engineers. A qualified professional, even your local building inspector depending on scope of changes, can help tweak a stock plan.

When looking for experts to help you through the process get lots of input from the start everyone should know what your goals are so, for instance,  HVAC systems will be sized to work with the building envelope of your home. Don’t forget your investment should provide real value in the market. Ask the people you work with how they would approach getting what you want without eliminating the appeal to future buyers. It helps to document the whole process so those future buyers see that value.

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