Point-of-Use Water Heating: Electric Option Usually Best

| by Jens Bolleyer
Point-of-Use Water Heating: Electric Option Usually Best

There have been significant improvements in recent years to often-needed supplemental heating of household water. Among them are point-of-use (POU) tankless heaters typically installed under the kitchen, a bathroom sink or nearby any hot water fixture.  They supply hot water, quickly and endlessly, and come in gas and electric options.

So which option is better? In some instances, electric is best. The electric POU tankless unit is very easy to install. You simply hook it up to your water line under the sink. Point-of-use units require less power than whole-house units. Electric heaters are also more efficient than gas units.

Gas POUs require a bit more installation. They need to have a gas line connected to it and create an exhaust vent for each installation. Most homes will have electricity. Many homes have natural gas. It comes down to which option best serves your needs, considering installation and operation costs, and overall efficiency.

For more information on the many options of efficient, tankless electric water heaters, from whole-house water heating to under the counter point-of-use applications, or booster applications to existing tank heaters visit www.ecosmartus.com.

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