Project Management for Comfort from Kitchen to HVAC

| by Dave Sweet
Project Management for Comfort from Kitchen to HVAC

If you’ve been following this blog you know I’m a big fan of good project management. My wife and I know what we want the home we’re building to feel like to live in, but with all the new technology, building products and techniques available, we have really focused on the results we want and sought out experts to guide us. It’s been a lot like conducting an orchestra! We’ve listened carefully to people’s contributions, made decisions and moved forward with our project to create a comfortable and enjoyable eco-friendly home.

If you put your heart into your own building or remodeling project, and treat everyone involved with respect, valuing their contributions, your home will be a source of joy.

Our new alone kitchen will be a big project in itself, with lots of choices to make. I enjoy designing kitchens, but they’re expensive and we’ll live with our choices for a long time. A recent trend is to make all your appliances blend into the cabinetry by facing them with matching veneers. If we do it, will we still like it in 20 years?

I’ve been talking to Steve Hanford of Hanford Cabinet Kitchen Bath Woodworking in Old Saybrook. They have a woodworking shop and showroom on site and a lot of their products are manufactured  in-house. I’m also thinking about Jen Parsons of the Connecticut Green Building Council. When we toured the Energize CT Center I learned about energy-efficient appliances and sustainably-sourced materials.

Another big project is the HVAC system. At AHR Expo 2017 in Las Vegas I talked to Jay Egg, a recognized expert in geothermal technology I interviewed at the previous year’s show. Geothermal heating and cooling doesn’t rely on fossil fuels, and geothermal heat pumps give the same comfort year-round as the older systems we’re used to. Jay and I caught up on the latest developments in geothermal, and it looks like a good choice for long-term comfort, savings, and a smaller carbon footprint.

With good project management in kitchen and HVAC planning I have no doubt that I’ll be able to save money, energy, and increase our overall comfort.

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