Project Profile: Creating Cohesive Design at VISION House

| by Shelley Ross
Project Profile: Creating Cohesive Design at VISION House

Visitors may feel as though they are being transported into the future when they step into the cutting-edge VISION House in INNOVENTIONS at Epcot, but this groundbreaking green home show exhibit at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida actually features a host of sustainable building materials that are readily available today, including a variety of eco-conscious products from leading building material manufacturer Boral USA. 

The exhibit's focus on green residential design and eco-friendly living greatly appealed to Boral USA, whose commitment to sustainable building practices prompted the company to participate as one of VISION House's sponsors. Since Boral USA offers complete cladding and roofing solutions, the company was able to provide VISION House with an array of green products that have been seamlessly combined to form a striking exterior that is both stylish and sustainable. Such a cohesive look has added not only to the home's curb appeal, but also its overall feel.

As visitors stroll up the walk leading to the VISION House, they can get an up-close look at a range of eco-friendly products with eye-catching aesthetics, from the Boral Pavers that comprise the pathway itself to the Boral Bricks that have been incorporated into the home's exterior. Both of these leading-edge products, which are manufactured by Boral Bricks, are comprised of eco-friendly materials that last for more than 100 years.

Perfectly suited for the VISION House's innovative design, Boral Bricks bring a modern look to the home's exterior while still retaining the benefits traditionally associated with this sustainable building material. Made from clay and shale, this product is more durable, retains color longer and requires less maintenance than many other building materials. And as an inherently green product, Boral Brick is both recyclable and biodegradable. In addition, its raw materials are surface-mined in a way that causes minimal long-term impact to the environment. Boral Bricks are also energy-efficient, as their high thermal mass reduces peak energy loads.

In addition to Boral Bricks, the VISION House's exterior also features BoralPure® Smog Eating Roof Tile, Boral TruExterior®Trim, and Cultured Stone manufactured by Boral Stone Products. They are all high performance materials that are beautifully designed and offer significant green benefits. BoralPure® Smog Eating Roof Tile is a concrete roofing product that is the only one of its kind in the nation known to reduce the formation of harmful smog components, while Boral TruExterior®Trim has pioneered an entirely new category of exterior trim that is leading the market in true sustainability and environmental stewardship. The Boral Stone Products encompass a suite of masonry veneer options that are of highest industry quality, usage and brand recognition.

With so many Boral products integrated into the VISION House's exterior design, the exhibit has proven to be a wonderful venue for Boral USA to showcase its innovations to a global audience. The exhibit, which is presented by Green Builder Media in collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering, aims to give visitors a greater understanding of green design, technology and products. Its major themes include high-performance materials and durability, energy generation and efficiency, water conservation, indoor environment quality and whole-home automation.  

About Shelley Ross
Shelley Ross is Director of Marketing for Boral Bricks, the largest clay brick and paver manufacturer in the United States.  Boral Bricks operates the country’ largest brick manufacturing facility in Terre Haute, Indiana, a LEED-certified facility incorporating a number of eco-friendly manufacturing processes in protection of the natural environment. Boral Bricks offers more than 150 different colors and textures of brick and pavers, ensuring the curb appeal of homes of many architectural styles. Shelley may be reached at [email protected] 

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