Protection and performance against the storm

| by Shelley Ross
Protection and performance against the storm

It’s no surprise that severe storms, hurricanes, flooding and other natural disasters can lead to extreme damage of residences, affecting both the structural integrity and long-term value of a home. With a coast-to-coast freeze that is just the start to a long cold winter ahead, the exterior siding of your home is one of the primary factors that will help keep you and your family protected, despite harsh weather conditions.

The level of building protection against the elements depends on how well the home is constructed as well as the quality and durability of the materials used. Brick is the ideal cladding solution for homeowners and builders alike because a home built with brick protects and performs, while maintaining beauty and curb appeal.

The 1” insulation air space in brick cavity wall construction enhances the thermal mass properties of brick, holding temperatures constant longer than other materials. This results in more comfortable interior environments with greater energy efficiency (and cost savings) during both cold and warm weather.

High performance exterior siding products like brick is also what buyers want.  A 2013 homebuyer study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that heating and cooling costs were among the top priorities of buyers in the U.S. Housing Market. In fact, in the Northeast, nearly 40 percent of buyers surveyed said these costs were their single greatest concern.

Beyond energy efficiency, bricks are inert and moisture resistant. The 1” air space that provides insulation in a home also provides rapid drying of any residual water, which inhibits bacterial growth and insect infestation. Results from a moisture performance comparison study by Boral also reveal that humidity levels in a brick cavity wall construction are consistently less than that of other popular sidings. Consistently low humidity within a brick cavity wall can minimize damage to studs and sheathing, while helping maintain the structural integrity of a home.

The cold winter months cannot be avoided, but a quality exterior siding like brick can make all the difference in ensuring the interior of your home is warm and safe.


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