Puraflo peat biofilter works for 10 years with no maintenance

| by Tom Smith
Puraflo peat biofilter works for 10 years with no maintenance

This is the report we just received from one of our distributors providing an invaluable testimonial for the quality and durability of the product; however, it's not what we recommend.

We do recommend that every homeowner with an onsite wastewater treatment system get an annual check-up from an authorized or trained wastewater operator.

During this annual inspection, the following should be checked:

  • Effluent level in all tanks
  • Septic tank outlet filter or screened pump vault for clogging
  • Water tightness of tanks, risers and pipe connections at tanks
  • Operation of pumps, floats valves, electrical controls and alarms
  • Pumping frequency from impulse counters and elapsed run time meters
  • Peat modules for any structural damage, accessibility, adequate ventilation, excess odors, insect or other pest infestations
  • Vegetative growth over the drain field
  • Drain field area for surfacing of the effluent
  • Sample of peat biofilter effluent collected form the sampling point to check for effluent clarity and odor (note: peat biofilter effluent may have a brackish to straw color from the humic and fulvic acids naturally present in the peat fiber media)

Following the inspection, the operator should report:

  • Sludge and scum levels in the septic tank
  • Sludge level and grease presence in the pump tank
  • Pump delivery rate (drawdown test)
  • Dosing volume and measure or calculate average pump run time

Please make sure you have your onsite wastewater treatment system checked once a year for the health of your family, as well as for the health of the earth and our water supply.

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Tom Smith
Tom Smith is the former director of operations and marketing at Anua. Tom is driving demand for wastewater treatment, water reuse, rainwater harvesting and odor/VOC control solutions. He has a B.A. from Duke University and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business.

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