Reducing the greenhouse effect

| by Larry Acker
Reducing the greenhouse effect

How can a household appliance help reduce the greenhouse effect? First, a bit of explanation. There are a handful of gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to the greenhouse effect, otherwise known as global warming. Carbon dioxide, CO2, is one of those gases. CO2 is not to be confused with carbon monoxide, CO, which is a deadly gas found in automobile fumes and gas-powered appliances.

A person’s carbon footprint, or the amount of CO2 used in an everyday manner, can be reduced in simple ways. The lower the carbon footprint, the less carbon dioxide is getting in the air and breaking down the atmospheric shield protecting the earth.

Approximately 8,000 gallons is run down the drain in your home each year waiting for hot water to arrive. There is about 1Kilowatt-hour per 10 gallons which means you are allowing 1,000 Kilowatt-hours in your home or 1,500 lbs. of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) to be absorb in the air. The amount of energy wasting hot water is 50 times greater than the loss of only cold water.

Using energy-saving appliances is a great step in reducing the greenhouse effect. Look for products that save water, like the ACT D’MAND Kontrols pumping system. With its proprietary technology, the system provides hot water on demand, which saves kilowatt-hours and therefore reduces the amount of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere.

The ACT D’MAND Kontrols system is installed in a home or building in addition to the existing plumbing. No timer is used, and no hot water enters the cold-water piping. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but the ACT D’MAND Kontrols product is enjoyable to use. Hot water appears within seconds instead of waiting for cool water to heat up.

ACT D’MAND Kontrols® is a registered trade mark of Advanced Conservation Technology Distribution, Inc., a family business based in Costa Mesa, Calif. ACT D’MAND Kontrols Systems are made in America and sold through wholesale plumbing supply houses and national representative groups. For more information, visit

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Larry Acker
Larry Acker is the CEO of ACT, Inc. D'MAND Kontrol Systems®. Involved with energy, water and energy conservation for 45 years, Larry is considered a leading authority regarding residential water and energy efficiency. Larry has been a featured speaker at major conferences throughout the world supporting ASHRAE, IAMPO, AWWA, ACEEE, PHCC and SB-08. Larry has written featured articles for National Trade Magazines and was the Chairman of the Pacific Coast Builders Conference in 2001. www

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