Roof recycling rewards

| by Heather Ferrier Laminack
Roof recycling rewards

GAF's Certified Green Roofer program encourages greener business practices by paying companies for recycling roofing materials. To date, the two-year-old program has paid more than $60,000 in incentive money to participating contractors.

Martin Grohman, GAF's director of sustainability, says that the company's contractors "wanted to have a meaningful designation that they could use to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability."

Developed in partnership with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Construction Materials Recycling Association (CMRA), Certified Green Roofers must pass a written test, completing a sustainability assessment, join their local USGBC chapter, and commit to recycling shingles if recycling is available.

Grohman says the recycling incentive works similar to LEED's submittals for recycled construction and demolition waste. "The roofing contractors upload the weigh tickets showing tonnage recycled to our dedicated system, and we issue incentive dollars to their accounts at the end of each month," he says. "A typical roof weighs 3 to 4 tons, and we ware one 'GAF Buck' per ton, which has been a fairly meaningful incentive."

To find out more on the program, visit GAF's website, and to find shingle recycling facilities near you, visit CMRA's website.

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