Save Space in Your Laundry Room

| by Jens Bolleyer
Save Space in Your Laundry Room

If your laundry room is like most others, chances are you would appreciate a bit more space for a folding table, shelving or a laundry basket or two.  If the washer and dryer are side-by-side you could buy stackables to save some room.  You could also rid yourself of the behemoth tank water heater taking so much room for its large energy appetite.  Replace it with a pleasant-looking, highly-efficient, wall-mounted tankless water heater.  Three things will be noticeably improved:  Much more room, endless hot water and energy savings.

Tankless water heaters are available in electric or gas.  Unlike the large tank heater which heats and reheats 24/7/365 so hot water is ready, the tankless heater only uses energy when there is a call for hot water.  It’s so simple, so efficient that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it long ago.

For more information on the various models of tankless hot water heaters visit EcoSmart's website

EcoSmart US® is a privately owned, Miami, Florida-based manufacturer of green energy technology with a mission to produce and distribute quality green products that are practically efficient and economical to consumers.

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