Seal the building envelope

| by Troy Gibson
Seal the building envelope

Springtime weather brings about sudden shifts. And the trumpeters announcing these sudden shifts are typically gale-force winds. The importance of an air barrier during such shifts can’t be understated. As great as the wind can be on a hot summer day when you’re trying to cool off, the same principles that help cool your body are exactly the same principles that cost owners money if they don’t have a proper air barrier, regardless of how high the R-value is in the walls.

 Spring and Summer bring inclement weather
Warmer temperatures bring inclement weather. Air barriers are especially important in the Springtime.

In an improperly sealed structure, wind causes air infiltration (even if wind isn’t present, any place where there’s a difference in pressurization, such as outdoors versus indoors, air infiltration can occur). Among the many problems brought about by air infiltration is the strain on mechanical systems. As unconditioned air penetrates the structure, this forces an HVAC system to work harder, thereby increasing utility bills, shortening the lifespan of the system and likely causing an owner to spend money prematurely. Plus all of that uncontrolled, unconditioned air is a recipe for moisture problems and reducing occupant comfort.

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Troy Gibson
Troy Gibson has over 8 years of creative and strategic marketing management experience, ranging from sports marketing to retail marketing. He has been a part of the ICF industry for 6 years and is an USGBC LEED Green Associate. He focuses his efforts on communicating the benefits of a premium building envelope. Troy has a B.S. of Marketing from Northwest Missouri State and has a wife and child to occupy his free time.

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