Singing in the shower just got easier

| by Patrick Nielsen
Singing in the shower just got easier

Do you like singing in the shower? That's where I do some of my best work! We're not alone.

A recent study found that 75 percent of Americans use their smartphones and mobile devices in the bathroom, primarily for streaming music or listening to the news.

Now the new Broan Ventilation Fan with Sensonic Stereo Speakers makes it easier for us shower singers to enjoy our music or any other audio, wirelessly, during our morning routines.

Designed ideally for use in the bathroom, the Broan Ventilation Fan with Sensonic Stereo Speakers delivers high-quality audio via most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

With the built in audio capability, you don't have to take up countertop space to have audio in the bathroom. The Broan Ventilation Fan with Sensonic Stereo Speakers uses an existing bathroom feature to blend in with décor, prevent clutter on countertops and storage spaces, and free up much needed bathroom outlets.

Now your bathroom ventilation fans can add more value to your homes and daily routines. The Sensonic Speakers deliver brilliant audio performance from behind the ventilation fan grille, while hidden in plain sight in the bathroom.

Sensonic Stereo Speakers are available in two configurations to fit seamlessly into new or current bathroom designs. The complete Ventilation Fan with Sensonic Stereo Speakers features a powerful yet quiet operating ventilation fan (110 CFM fan, 1.0 Sone) with built-in dual high-fidelity speakers that deliver high-end stereo performance while concealed behind the fan grille.

Developed with the expertise of world-class audio engineers from our sister company, Core Brands, the makers of high-quality speaker systems like SpeakerCraft®, Korus®, Proficient® and Niles®, the speakers deliver clear and uninterrupted audio for a full, consistent sound. In addition, the fan’s housing depth and metal construction help to deliver enhanced acoustics that mimic a concert hall experience.

The Broan-NuTone Sensonic Speaker Kit, which has the same high-end audio quality performance as the Broan Ventilation Fan with Sensonic Stereo Speakers can be easily retrofitted to most Broan or NuTone QT Series ventilation fans installed in homes today. Both configurations provide wireless Bluetooth technology to quickly and conveniently connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, for unbeatable audio entertainment.

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