Smart geothermal systems incorporate monitoring and variable-speed technlogy

| by Titian Burris
Smart geothermal systems incorporate monitoring and variable-speed technlogy

Much of what makes ClimateMaster Tranquility geothermal heating and cooling systems so tranquil for consumers is technology.

The systems feature iGate and vFlow advances that promote stable and efficient functionality. The technologies can be used in both commercial and residential settings.

iGate uses two-way communication to evaluate the functionality of a geothermal system, enabling the consumer and dealer to monitor its operation. Through a control system, the unit can be programmed to a building’s environment and potential issues diagnosed.

A controller analyzes the status of sensors and smart components that broadcast information to the thermostat to determine how best to operate the system for optimal comfort, efficiency and long-term reliability. All of this information is passed to a diagnostic tool.

vFlow, working in tandem with iGate, electronically varies water flow through a geothermal system to minimize pump energy consumption and improve system reliability. The technology reduces water-pumping power by as much as 80 percent over traditional external fixed-speed loop pumping modules, which can save more than $100 per year in electricity costs for an average 2,000-square-foot home with a three-ton unit. vFlow also protects the unit against extreme operating conditions, extending the life of the compressor and air coil.

The technologies work in tandem in that vFlow is comprised of a variable-speed pump or modulating water valve that is directly linked into and enabled by the iGate control system. iGate automatically recognizes capacity and temperatures changes in water flow to maintain optimum system performance.

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