S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Volume 10: On Wings of Eagles, Part 2

| by Aerobe and Robust
S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Volume 10: On Wings of Eagles, Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Robust politely explained that their current system could not handle any more hydraulic load and still provide the necessary treatment.  To make matters worse, much of the flow is coming from the new construction consisting of restaurants and hotels. “The strength of the commercial wastewater is four times stronger than household wastewater” Robust announced.

Villagers who at first were shocked into silence by his appearance and his unconventional entrance realized he was speaking their native dialect flawlessly. Totally disarmed and instantly comfortable, they began firing questions:

“Will this protect our groundwater?”

“Will this system handle our current and future wastewater needs?”

“Will we be able to add more development to our existing land?"

“Can our village really continue to grow?”

“Could we be related?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes—and perhaps distant cousins!” Robust replied, laughing.

The townspeople then began asking “Why?” “How come?” “What causes that?”  “Why is some wastewater so strong?”

Robust blushed  “Well wastewater from a home is showers, sinks and toilets only!” “While historically the wastewater from hotels and restaurants consists of a much higher concentration of undigested foods and drinks.”

“So the biological system must be- How Can I Word It… “MORE ROBUST” or at least four times stronger to treat this new wastewater!”

The audience seemed to understand as they never thought about this before.  They just were seeing the obvious, eagles; tourists, more roads, facilities and such.

He explained the advantages of installing two HighStrengthFAST® treatment units in series to accommodate the mountain terrain and how this would enable village expansion and growth in spite of the geographic and legislative restrictions.

Josef glanced over at Peter, who nodded in Robust’s direction as if to say, “Didn’t I tell you?”

Robust then went on to explain the options.  “You can have a larger HighstrengthFAST® system or do individual systems for each new restaurant and hotel as they are built.”  “The water can be reused for irrigation.”

Eventually Robust had exhausted all the villager’s questions. As if on cue, the crowd turned to the patriarch in the room, Ivan Danko. He gave his grandson a fond smile before he stated in a powerful voice that belied his frail countenance, “Well, what are we waiting for?”

Work soon began in earnest with little apparent disruption to normal village life. Robust dropped in (literally) from time to time to monitor progress and touch base with Josef and Peter. The resorts and hotels proceeded with plans for growth, and the farm families on the other side of the mountain contentedly tended their lush fields.

Months later, after the new wastewater treatment system had been thoroughly and successfully commissioned, Robust found Josef and his grandfather lunching at one of the newly expanded resorts.

“I just came by to say farewell and thank you for allowing Bio-Microbics to provide the wastewater system for your village,” he told Josef. He noticed Ivan looking pensively at the group of birders at the next table as he idly fingered the controls of his wheelchair. “They’re looking for eagles,” Ivan said softy.

Robust turned to the old man, “Would you like to join them?”

“The mountain makes no concessions to wheelchairs,” Ivan answered.

Robust said, “No, but I have the technology. Drink your tea, Josef, we’ll return shortly.”

After securing the village patriarch in his wheelchair, Robust slowly rose above the veranda, holding the chair aloft, and carefully advanced toward the mountaintop.

An hour later, Robust gently lowered the chair back onto the veranda. Josef’s anxious look vanished as he saw the broad smile on his beloved grandfather’s face.

“There is a nest, Josef,” he exclaimed. “Come; let me tell you about the fledgling I saw in it.” “And look just over there, you cannot see it, but that is where the HighstrengthFAST® is!”

Josef again felt like a seven year old as he listened to his grandfather eagerly talk about the eagle. In the distance, a flash of blue and silver grew smaller and smaller until it finally disappeared behind the mountain.

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