S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Volume 12: Testing... 1-2-3 (Part 1)

| by Aerobe and Robust
S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Volume 12: Testing... 1-2-3 (Part 1)

Before Robust could respond to the insistent buzz coming from the TRACK® monitor on his belt, an urgent voiced paged him, “Robust, you’re needed immediately in regulatory.”

“Something’s definitely up,” he said to himself. He set down the SaniTEE® wastewater screen that he was getting ready to pack for the next shipment and zoomed toward the front of the building.

A familiar, good-natured chant of “Blur speed! Blur speed!” rose from the folks in shipping. While Robust was a familiar sight in all areas of Bio-Microbics, his colleagues never tired of watching—and cheering on—his unique abilities.

He found his coworker Abby pacing at the entrance to the regulatory department. She explained solemnly, “We’ve got a critical case down in southwestern United States. A WWCSI—you know, a wastewater crime scene investigation—was conducted by the DEP and they found a few sites that were releasing untreated wastewater into community reservoirs. These sites need our wastewater treatment systems immediately.”

She continued, “Fortunately, one of our distributors has been contacted by a contractor, Jackson Froth, who is taking on these cases. Although Jackson is ready to integrate our FAST® Wastewater Treatment Systems into the different sites, he needs to be trained in our sampling procedures before he can proceed. Strap on your extra large jet pack, Robust, because you are heading to the desert!”

“I’ve been hoping to get to the desert one of these days,” Robust responded enthusiastically. “Maybe I’ll have some time to explore while I’m there.”

“You’ll love it,” Abby replied, “Just be sure to take along plenty of wa–.“

She stopped as soon as she realized what she was saying and they both laughed. Robust was familiar with every aspect of water except drinking it. His robotic physiology didn’t require hydration.

Robust swiftly collected the necessary items from inventory that he would need for training. Soon his pack was filled with certified laboratory sample bottles, dissolved oxygen and pH meters, logbook, cooler, thermometer, garden hose, a chain-of-custody sheet, cleaning brush, sludge measurement device, disinfectant, and safety wear. He set his coordinates for the wastewater treatment system test site where he was to meet Jackson, gave a friendly wave to his coworkers, and was out of sight before a single “Blur speed!” could escape their lips.

“Hello there!” Robust greeted Jackson as he descended down onto the test site, “You must be Jackson. My name is Robust and I am here to train you.”


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