S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Volume 14: Fear the FOG (Part 2)

| by Aerobe and Robust
S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Volume 14: Fear the FOG (Part 2)


He continued, “Then just add one FOGHog® tablet per five hundred gallons of water that you use per week. You can also put the tablet directly into problem areas. Then just sit back and let the product do the work. It helps protect your pipes, but, best of all, using the tablets will prevent sewage backups and overflows like this one, no matter where the termination point.”

“That sounds great, but are you sure this will work for our specific pumping station?” Savannah persisted. “This zoo produces a wide variety of wastewater contaminants.”

“Yes, I am sure that it will fix your problem,” Rob answered confidently. “The tablet is typically used for wastewater produced by kitchens, eateries and other types of food institutions. You have lots of restaurants and snack shops here in the zoo that would produce this type of ‘FOG’ waste.”

“Well, then, how can we get our hands on some of these tablets?” Savannah asked.

“I’ll give you the contact information for a distributor in this area and you can purchase the tablets immediately through them.” Rob answered. “Then you’ll be able to prevent any future issues like this and continue to keep this zoo open.”

Rob saw a worried look flash across Savannah’s face. He asked, “Was there something else?”

Savannah sighed, “Next month, we’ll be receiving a rare albino polar bear for the zoo, which will be great for our reputation and our attendance, but the animal’s enclosure isn’t ready. We have all the supplies to finish it, but since we’ll have to reallocate resources and manpower to this clean-up situation, I’m not sure the enclosure can be ready in time now. It was quite a coup to score this acquisition, but as you can imagine, the environment for an animal like this is a challenge anyway, and now with this time crunch. . .” Savannah stopped talking and began jotting again. “I’m sorry, you’ve been a tremendous help. I didn’t mean to unburden on you.”

“You know, I could help you out with this, too,” Rob said with a smile. “I love zoos and I wouldn’t want you to lose the opportunity to receive such an awesome exhibit. I’m guessing the polar bear’s enclosure includes water—correct?”

“Indeed, lots of water.”

“Well, I happen to know a lot about water,” Rob responded eagerly. “How about allowing me to help you get the enclosure finished on schedule—”

Savannah started to protest, but Rob went on, “And perhaps in exchange I can have a zoo pass to see the polar bear when he arrives. Can you arrange that?”

“Of course I can,” Savannah laughed and pointed to her boots again, “I’m the high muckety-muck here, remember.”

Rob grinned, “More zoo humor, right?”

In the weeks that followed, Robust was at the zoo often to help prepare the albino polar bear’s enclosure, while Savannah eagerly shared factoids about the new acquisition. She explained that even though most polar bears appear white, their coat is actually transparent and their skin is in fact black. So while this polar bear’s dense coat would protect its unpigmented skin from ultraviolet rays quite effectively, its eyes, nose, and paw pads would be require special protection from the sun. She also insisted that its habitat be as natural as possible, with several vantage points for visitors to observe the magnificent animal.

Rob brought new questions about the bear on each visit. By the time the enclosure was finished, he and Savannah were fast friends—and he had become a storehouse of polar bear information. He promised to return when the exhibit opened.

The first weekend the polar bear was in his new enclosure, Robust flew to the zoo and touched down lightly beside a group of youngsters watching in amazement as the massive polar bear frolicked in his pool with a huge rubber ball.

“Would you like to learn more about the albino polar bear?” Robust asked them, eager to share all the polar bear facts that Savannah had told him.

They turned around and became even more amazed as the B.O.T.S. beside them. They glanced at each other in silence and then the tallest boy answered, “Um, actually, mister, I think we’d rather learn more about you.”

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