S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Wastewater Adventure Series Volume 3: “Right Day to Go to the Aquarium, Part 2”

| by Aerobe and Robust
S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Wastewater Adventure Series Volume 3: “Right Day to Go to the Aquarium, Part 2”

Synopsis: Adding additional rooms, backyard cottages, or increasing your household floor plan will have you looking at how much your septic system can treat.

Application:  Expand your treatment capacity with a RetroFAST® Septic System Enhancement to handle additional loading.

Continued from Part 1

Inspecting the Current Septic System

Bio-Microbics BOTS

The next day, Aerobe knelt in the Browns’ backyard, peering into the septic system’s viewport, and periodically looking to where Mark had indicated he wanted to build the cottage.

Karina looked at Aerobe and then up at Mark. “You said you found her at the aquarium? I stayed here and you had an under-the-sea, robotic adventure with a bionic, septic-expert mermaid. Unfair!”

“I didn’t. . . I haven’t . . she’s not” he began stammering, until he saw the teasing gleam in his wife’s eye. “Besides, she’s a B.O.T.S.”

He walked swiftly to where Aerobe was working, with Karina following, chuckling to herself. She always knew how to push his buttons.

“How’s it look?” he asked Aerobe.

“Well, I have good news and bad news,” said Aerobe, straightening.

“Story of my life lately. Which do we WANT to hear ?rst?” asked Mark.

“Bad news, I’d say,” replied Aerobe.

“Okay – shoot.”

“Your septic system is not equipped to handle the additional sewage from the cottage.”

“Which means we’ll have to install a whole other system?” guessed Karina.

“Maybe not,” answered Aerobe.

“Because the good news is that Bio-Microbics makes a product called a RetroFAST®.  It installs into your existing tank. We could set up a gravity ?ow from the cottage to the RetroFAST® so that you wouldn’t need a new tank or drain ?eld.”

Mark realized he’d been holding his breath. He exhaled in relief. “That is good news. We have enough on our hands as it is, trying to get this cottage built. RetroFAST®? Tell us more.”

“Here’s a brochure, and you have my card if you’ll need more info. And the Bio-Microbics website has videos that show how a RetroFAST® works.”

Getting to Know Their New Aquatic Life

Sophia skipped over and looked up at  her parents, “Can I show her my new  pet ?sh?”

“Sure! Would you like to meet Sophia’s new gold?sh?”

“I’d love to,” smiled Aerobe.

Sophia squealed with delight as Aerobe picked her up and jumped lightly into the air. Aerobe’s jet backpack whirred softly as they skimmed the distance to the back door.

“I guess you’d better get those permit apps going. Looks like the Brown’s guest cottage just might happen after all,” Karina smiled happily.

Mark stared at the area that was nothing but ground with a few stakes in it and envisioned the weathered grey board siding, the wraparound porch, and a hammock in the yard.

His reverie was broken by the hearty laughter coming from the kitchen as Aerobe discovered that the gold?sh’s new name was “Bubbles.”


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