S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Wastewater Adventure Series Volume 7: How One Community Decides to “STEP It Up”, Part 2

| by Aerobe and Robust
S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Wastewater Adventure Series Volume 7: How One Community Decides to “STEP It Up”, Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Jeff and Frank reviewed the catalog data and had a list of questions by the time Robust arrived. Jeff and Frank outlined the project to Robust and listened intently as Robust explained BioSTEP’s capability of handling solid waste particles up to a fourth of an inch compared to most systems being able to handle only solids a half or a quarter of that size. He assured them that would help prevent potential clogging problems.

Jeff emphasized how concerned they were about price and asked Robust to remember that when he prepared the quote. He also dutifully reminded him that Vintner would be contacting other system manufacturers as is their customary practice.

Robust nodded, “I’ll be back to you with a detailed proposal. Just let me recap now to be sure I caught everything.”

He paused and Jeff and Frank heard a soft whirr before Robust spoke, “Your development will be built out in three phases. The first 40 homes will be built initially and once they are sold, you will want to add on to the STEP system and into the main MyFAST® wastewater treatment system.”

When they nodded their assent, Robust continued, “And as you probably remember from our last project, once your order is received, we can have it out to you within the next 48 hours. Just one more question: when is groundbreaking?”

Robust shook hands with both of them and, without fanfare, took a step outside and launched himself up and over the parking lot. Frank turned to Jeff and said, “You know, every time I meet with that guy, I end up completely forgetting he’s bionic until he does that.”

In the ensuing weeks, Jeff, Frank, and Robust met often to discuss and finalize the schematics of the project. The contract included several components in addition to the Bio-Microbics treatment system. Jeff and Frank advised Robust that the project had an estimated completion date of three years.

Ultimately, Vinters Luck Properties placed an initial order for a STEP system for the first 40 homes along with a centralized treatment plant. They had also determined that the effluent from the treatment plant would be used to irrigate the common area. This, Jeff knew, would be a big winning point to announce during groundbreaking.

When that June day finally arrived, it seemed the entire population of Taughin turned out for the event. The atmosphere was positively festive. The mayor and other officials made their perfunctory speeches; the ceremonial groundbreaking shovel passed from dignitary to dignitary. But the surprise of the day was when Robust flew in carrying a Bio-Microbics flag and presented the officials with gifts from Bio-Microbics.

Frank leaned over and whispered to Jeff, “How did you arrange that?”

But Jeff merely grinned as grownups and youngsters stared slack jawed at the robotic figure explaining the advantages of this wastewater technology while hovering several feet above the ground so even those in the back of the crowd could see and hear him.

Jeff’s grin widened when he heard one long-time Taughin resident comment to his neighbor, “You know, I think old man Trebor would have liked this guy.”

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