S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Wastewater Adventure Series Volume 8: Everything's Coming Up Roses, Part 2

| by Aerobe and Robust
S.O.S. - Save Our Septic® Wastewater Adventure Series Volume 8: Everything's Coming Up Roses, Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Angie was glad she had seen photos of Aerobe during her web search. Otherwise, she’d have been totally unprepared for this definitely feminine, but also definitely robotic figure gliding toward her. As it was, she was momentarily tongue-tied in Aerobe’s presence.

Aerobe was accustomed to such first meetings and immediately tried to put Angie at ease.

“I’m so glad you called me, Angie,” Aerobe said. “It’s great to meet you face to face. First thing, I’d like to take a look around the property and then we can go over any questions or concerns you have.”

Angie managed a smile and a nod as Aerobe began exploring the lot, taking photos and measurements.

Floating back to Angie, Aerobe explained that the property was ideal for a BioBarrier® membrane bioreactor for water reuse. Not only was the lot a blank slate; it was flat with minimal obstacles. She offered product spec sheets and information to Angie and added, “Your garden is going to love what you’re planning to do. Now, I’m sure you have questions for me. So where do you want to start?”

By now Angie was comfortable with Aerobe and began asking all the questions she’d been compiling since her research. “Who do I need to contact? What else should I do before we can get started? How quickly can I expect a proposal from you?”

Her eagerness made Aerobe smile. “Well, Angie, before we get started we need to make sure the area is clear of any buried utility lines. Can you make a call to the utility companies to get these marked off? Other than that, I have all the information I need and plenty of photos to prepare a proposal for you and Mike.”

Aerobe added, “I work with a group of great individuals. Unless you have someone else in mind, we can get started right away. As soon as I get back to the office and make some phone calls, we can get things rolling.”

Angie responded happily, “I guess you can tell how anxious I am to get going. I’m so impressed with the confidence you have in your products! I can’t wait to tell Mike about all this. I can practically smell the rose blossoms already!”

Just as Angie had anticipated, Mike was as eager as she was to add this to their plan. And even more so when they reviewed the proposal that Aerobe presented.

Much activity filled the next weeks. DigSafe came out and marked the site for existing utility lines. Angie coordinated with Aerobe to have the yard prepared and the tank set in place, all ready for the Bio-Microbics BioBarrier® system.

Installation went smoothly as planned and was followed in quick progression by irrigation supply trucks and landscaping trucks ready to plant the flowers, rose bushes, and trees that Angie and Mike had picked out.

During installation and through the Gerber’s final move-in, Aerobe had stayed in contact with Angie. They frequently chatted about Angie’s plans for her garden.
Late into the summer, Angie received another call from Aerobe.

“Hi, Angie,” she said. “I’ve been contacted by a magazine that’s distributed to individuals and companies in the onsite wastewater treatment industry. They want to illustrate a good example of wastewater reuse and I thought of you. They plan to feature this case study in their next issue to explain the system technology to their readers and let the pictures showcase the possibilities. May we stop by this afternoon?”

“Of course, Aerobe, come on over,” Angie agreed. “The garden is in full bloom now. You might say everything’s coming up roses.”

They both laughed over this well-worn phrase, then Angie added, “But now you owe me a favor, right? When the school year starts, would you come and speak to my fourth graders about responsible water use? They’ll bombard you with questions, but they’re really good kids.”

“I guess there’s no way I can refuse that one,” Aerobe responded. “I love to get kids excited about science, too. Besides, to borrow your own phrase, it’s a ‘good green’ thing to do, right? See you this afternoon, Angie.”

Angie hung up the phone and walked out to her garden to make sure it was picture perfect. But she was already thinking ahead to the school year, imagining the surprise on her students’ faces when Aerobe flew into the classroom.

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