Steps to maintain your toilet's fill valve

| by Will Wang
Steps to maintain your toilet's fill valve

Fluidmaster fill valves are made to deliver years of flawless flushes. Here are some simple steps you can perform to maintain your Fluidmaster toilet fill valve which will keep it in tip top working condition. 

  • Look for any discoloration in the fill valve (looking for a bleached or faded type of discoloration).  This indicates age and wear that could compromise the function of the fill valve.  In this case REPLACE THE FILL VALVE.
  • Look to see if rust is above the water line and/or rust or discoloration on the top cap lever arm assembly which is attached to the adjustment rod. If there is evidence of rust or it is discolored Fluidmaster recommends replacing the fill valve.
  • Look for signs of leaking at the water supply line to the fill valve (outside tank).  Inspect water supply connector. Replace it if it is worn or over 5 years old to prevent flooding and property damage.

To learn more about Fluidmaster toilet fill valves, click here.

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