Strength of concrete

| by Troy Gibson
Strength of concrete

Waking up to the sound of a drunk driver crashing into your house can be disturbing–and there are plenty of other words to describe the sensation. I know exactly what that’s like. Thankfully, no harm came to anyone in the house or the house itself. See, the car, which was totaled, never actually made it to the house. Standing in between the car and the small, 1950 ranch-style home was a concrete porch–which barely even suffered a couple of chips.

Accidents happen all the time, be it a drunk driver or a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or something else–like a boulder tumbling down to make a housecall.

Moore Oklahoma Tornado ICF home takes direct hit from a Dodge Ram

This isn’t to say that a car can’t go through a cinder-block porch or that a natural disaster can’t knock down a concrete structure or that a boulder can’t find its way through a concrete wall. That does happen, and sure, this all might sound alarmist or paranoid since plenty of people have lived happily and safely for years in structures made from something other than concrete. But if you had to choose a building material and knew that the unknown is lurking out there somewhere and waiting to strike, wouldn’t it make sense to choose the safest option?

Concrete (a key ingredient in an ICFs) is a tried and true building material. Romans were crazy for the stuff, and for good reason. Many of their most impressive structures are still around despite wars, weather and time–the granddaddy of them all. When it comes to putting something in between people and harm’s way, there are far worse choices than the one building material that has withstood the test of time.

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Troy Gibson
Troy Gibson has over 8 years of creative and strategic marketing management experience, ranging from sports marketing to retail marketing. He has been a part of the ICF industry for 6 years and is an USGBC LEED Green Associate. He focuses his efforts on communicating the benefits of a premium building envelope. Troy has a B.S. of Marketing from Northwest Missouri State and has a wife and child to occupy his free time.

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