Swamp Yankee Green: Solid surfaces are better than coated

| by Duo Dickinson
Swamp Yankee Green: Solid surfaces are better than coated

To be Swamp Yankee Green, you'll need to find the most efficient products and materials for your home.

One way to do this is to opt for solid surfaces versus coated ones. Because if a surface can be worn away, it will be by use and nature. The wearing away means the worn away bits get into the environment and energy is needed to recoat or replace the base material.

For example, solid wood floors last longer than just about anything except solid stone floors. Untreated solid wood shingles last far longer than plywood. Wood clapboards really need painting, as does cement board siding. Vinyl does not. Stone steps last longer than wood.

This is a continuing series by author and architect Duo Dickinson. Read his original expert insight on Swamp Yankee Green.

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Duo Dickinson
Duo Dickinson has been an architect for over 30 years and received over 30 awards. His work has been published in over 70 national publications. Mr. Dickinson’s latest book is Staying Put. He is the architecture critic for the New Haven Register, and writes for Design Bureau, A.B., New Haven Magazine, and his own blog, Saved By Design. He has taught at Yale, Roger Williams and Harvard GSD Summer Program. www

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