The garden comes together

| by Kelly Emerine
The garden comes together

My favorite part of Magnolia Farms is the fact that we will have an organic garden that will provide weekly pick-ups for the residents. How amazing will it be to have veggies, fruit, herbs and flowers grown right in the neighborhood?

The garden will not only produce fresh, healthy food, but it will also be a great place to meet with neighbors. I cannot wait to take the golf cart or bike down the path each week to see what has grown.

The location was an easy decision. The garden will be next to one of the lakes for ease of irrigation. It also made sense to position the community pavillion near the garden creating a perfect place for educational events.

Our first step was to find a farmer to help us from the planning stages to planting to maintenance. Luckily, we met a horticulture specialist from Bernheim Forest near Louisville, Ky. who is going to be our go-to plant guy. He has amazing ideas about heirloom plants and constructing tomato trellises out of willow. I look forward to seeing his full plan and knowing what he has in store for us.

If you are like me and cannot grow a single tomato plant, having a garden that is tended by someone else and steps away from my house and gives my family healthy food is a win all around.

I cannot wait until the tilling begins!

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Kelly Emerine
Kelly Emerine is the marketing director for Magnolia Farms in Elizabethtown, Ky. Magnolia Farms will be the first eco-friendly development of it's kind in Kentucky. With nine years of experience working in new construction and real estate, she is excited to combine her passion for homes with her interest in non-toxic, eco-friendly living. Kelly graduated from the University of Kentucky and is a proud mother of twin girls, wife, business owner and entrepreneur.

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