The journey begins!

| by Dave Sweet
The journey begins!

Welcome to a new blog here on Proud Green Home! I’m Dave Sweet, and I invite you to read along, contribute, and learn along with my wife and me as we design and build an eco-friendly home that achieves a balance between low environmental impact and genuine comfort and ease of living.

I’ve enjoyed decades of experience building such eco-friendly homes for my family, using a variety of products and technologies such as radiant heat, photovoltaic solar, innovative framing techniques and much more.  Different homes have really focused on certain ways to maximize energy efficiency, such as concentrating on the building envelope itself. This home will not be a showcase of the latest and greatest practices, and it won’t be a test bed.  Yes, we’ll be investigating many new materials and practices, but with the intent of reducing the ecological impacts of this structure while creating a real family home that costs less to own and maintain, without sacrificing comfort and ease of living.

Join us on the journey as we find the balance we’re looking for!  We hope you’ll learn what that balance means to you as well. We’ll be sharing the entire process and all the big decisions, from concept through completion. We’ve had the land for a few years, and have had many conversations about what we want this new home to offer in lifestyle, architectural aspects, and so much more. Now the journey begins!

We’ll bring you in from day one. We’re going to talk to the land surveyor, our architect, industry experts, and many, many others who will help us design and build our eco-friendly, low maintenance, affordable, but thoroughly enjoyable home.

We hope you’ll enjoy the journey as much as we will, as we learn together! Click here to follow along on my site as well.

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