The planning stage is about possibilities and preferences

| by Dave Sweet
The planning stage is about possibilities and preferences

As you look at lots to build your eco-friendly home on, there are at least five practical things to consider as well as your personal preferences.

The first thing to think about is where you’ll place the home! On our journey, my family and I looked for things we would want to preserve, like mature trees. Our second consideration is soil conditions and topography. A high water table or a steep slope can be overcome, but will the expense be worth it?

Number three is the surrounding area. Are nearby homes too close for comfort? Is there anything unsightly like a rundown shed or a business?

Number four is whether you can orient the home to fit your lifestyle. Is it worth rethinking your design to take advantage of a great view? Finally, number five is whether the footprint of your home will actually fit in the allowed percentage of coverage.

“Eco-friendly” means something different to different people, and that can be more about preferences. So, what is it about an “eco-friendly” home that’s most important to you? Are you intrigued by the concept of an airtight building envelope?  What about the fascinating way systems from HVAC to roofing work together?

It’s important to many people that their home generates a large portion of the energy it consumes. Others are as excited about the high-tech aspects of eco-friendly building as they are about the “green” results. There’s a kind of frontier sense, being on the cutting edge that’s appealing.

So, what is it that captures your interest? Your biggest concerns?  I’d love to hear from you, either here or on our blog.

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