Thermal Efficiency of Door Glass and Framing

| by Keith Juhola
Thermal Efficiency of Door Glass and Framing

Energy efficiency in winter has two priorities for facility managers and homeowners: saving money on utilities and keeping people comfortable. Making sure the cold stays out and heat stays in starts with the building construction itself, including doors and windows. New builds or remodeling projects can benefit with green and energy-efficient components such as ODL’s door glass.

Behind the scenes, U-factor values, solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and low-e coating numbers make up the thermal efficiency for ODL’s insulated glass. On display in homes and offices, the star of the show is the aesthetic appeal of ODL Decorative Door Glass, available in 70 styles, and add-on blinds. ODL’s add-on blinds are enclosed between two pieces of insulated glass, for maintenance-free convenience, safety and thermal efficiency.

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Keith Juhola
Keith Juhola is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at ODL Inc., a Zeeland, Michigan-based manufacturer of door glass, tubular skylights, door blinds, retractable screens and other entryway products. He oversees sales, marketing and customer service for its USA distribution business. A salesperson and sales manager for more than 25 years, Juhola has worked for both distributors and manufacturers in the high tech and building materials. www

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