Thermal imaging cameras highlight energy lost in homes as hot water goes down the drain

| by David Velan
Thermal imaging cameras highlight energy lost in homes as hot water goes down the drain

Thermal imaging cameras have long been a tool used by home performance contractors. They are often used to identify air leaks into and out of houses. This information can then be used to improve the sealing and reduce the energy loss. But every day, energy leaves the house in an often overlooked way, in the hot water going down the drain. A thermal imaging camera can also be used to highlight this. When a thermal camera takes a picture of a hot shower, the showerhead looks like a lamp with bright light coming out of it.

This bright light is energy, normally invisible that the thermal camera lets us see. On the floor of the shower, there is also bright light. This is energy in water that is leaving the home. In the pictures and video of water draining out of a hot shower, the feet in the picture are less bright than the water. By contrast, when the shower is run cold, the feet become bright as they are the hottest point in the room. 

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David Velan
David Velan is the founder and CEO of Ecodrain Inc. Ecodrain designs and sells heat exchangers to recapture heat from warm drain water. Ecodrain has conducted extensive research, building many prototypes and conducting thousands of experiments in order to build high performance devices that are safe and easy to use. David Velan has a bachelor’s of applied science in mechanical engineering degree from the University of British Columbia, and an MBA from McGill University.

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