Tips for clean cooking

| by Brian Wellnitz
Tips for clean cooking

Back in 2013, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory conducted groundbreaking research into kitchen pollution and how range hoods perform in removing pollutants.

Their findings are influencing the industry today, and companies like Broan-Nutone are working very hard to improve ventilation performance for homeowners. The goal is to make homes healthier by removing pollutants that come from cooking, whether on a gas or electric range.

The Berkeley Lab offered some tips for buying and using range hoods that make it easy to improve air quality in your home.

Tips for buying and using range hoods:

  • Turn on the hood every time you cook, and set the fan to the highest setting that the noise is tolerable.
  • Make sure it vents to the outdoors. If it doesn’t, the hood will simply recirculate air in the kitchen.
  • If your range hood does not extend over the front burners, cooking on the back burners could make the hood up to twice as effective at removing pollutants.
  • If buying a new hood, it should cover your front burners and have a setting that moves at least 200 cubic feet of air per minute.
  • If having a range hood is not possible, opening a window while cooking does help.

So keep these tips in mind for your home, especially if you have young or elderly occupants or anyone with respiratory sensitivities.

Find more home ventilation information here.

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