Tips for going green in your backyard

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Tips for going green in your backyard

There is nothing like spending quality time outdoors. What better way to spend that time than in your own backyard? If you are looking for ways to have the amazing backyard you have always wanted yet still want to keep it “green,” then you’ll want to read on. From native landscaping to patios, decks or gazebos, there are plenty of ideas that are eco-friendly solutions.

Here are some tips to follow.

Native Landscaping

Create a low-maintenance environment by planting native trees, wildflowers, and bushes. Try grouping plants together that have similar watering needs. Native plants grow in local conditions so some may not need watering at all saving money on your water bill. They do not need to be fertilized or need to be sprayed with chemical pesticides. Research what native plants are best in your area. You may also want to add a water feature like a birdbath or pond.

Patio, Deck or Gazebo

Build a patio or a beautiful wooden gazebo, pavilion, or pergola to not only add an additional living space but also decrease the amount of maintenance needed to water or mow your lawn. This guide to choosing a gazebo can help. You can even add a paver or cement walkway to your gazebo, pavilion, or pergola creating an amazing outdoor space.

Artificial Grass/Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass or synthetic turf is the perfect solution for creating a greener environment. It saves money and your valuable time from having to water it constantly or mowing it. In addition, it looks like real grass. People will think you spent so much time on your grass when you don’t. Here are some great advantages to adding artificial grass or synthetic turf:

  • Does not require regular watering
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • More user-friendly
  • Attractive all year round
  • Does not require harmful fertilization

Solar Lighting

Enjoy your backyard even at night. Light up your patio, deck, or gazebo with solar lighting. They store the sun’s power during the day so when it gets dark out, the lights go on. This will minimize your energy consumption therefore saving you money on electricity.

You can even store and produce solar energy at night, which is now possible. Lighting and sound is trending big in outdoor living, so using solar power to run them in your pavilion or gazebo is more convenient then running wires from your house to those outdoor structures.


Plant your own garden that includes lettuce, herbs, and vine vegetables like tomatoes. Invest in a rain barrel to save even more money. All you need to do is water your plants using water from the rain barrel. You’ll instantly save on your water bill. Add all natural compost instead of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.


Consider adding a natural swimming pool. Instead of using fiberglass or concrete, build a pool using gravel stone or clay. Adding aquatic plants eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and filtering systems. You can also add a patio or paving stone around the pool area. This will limit the amount of grass in your yard requiring less mowing.

Do your part in protecting the environment by going green and minimizing your carbon footprint.

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