Tips for Saving Energy This Fall

| by Jens Bolleyer
Tips for Saving Energy This Fall

Install an electric point-of-use or whole-house tankless water heater.  The large tank water heater in your basement or utility closet wastes incredible amounts of energy to keep your hot water at-the-ready 24/7 – even if you don’t need it.  It consumes energy as you sleep, while at work or on vacation.  Dump that archaic dinosaur and install electric, tankless water heaters.  Designed for easy installation under the sink, these smaller models are for point-of-use needs.

Also available are whole-house tankless systems.  Both use no energy until you want hot water.   Their efficiency today can provide endless hot water at a much lower energy cost.

Replace your old thermostat.  Today’s new thermostats are programmable to automatically change your home’s temperature at the times you set.  Consumer Reports suggests a daytime temperature of 68 degrees and 60 at night.  If nobody is home during the day, set it lower and have it get it back to 68 degrees right before you get home for the day.  You will pay for the new thermostat quickly in savings, and continue to save with reduced energy bills.

Repair leaky faucets. We’ve all had them:  a leaky faucet that you see every morning with honest intentions to fix it.  But you forget about it until the next time you watch it drip, drip, drip.  A leaking faucet easily wastes several gallons of water you are paying for (and heating if it is a hot water leak) every day.  Multiply that by 30 days to your monthly water and energy bill.  Got more than one leaking faucet?  Do the math.  Most leaks are easily fixed with an inexpensive kit from your local hardware store.

Check your home’s insulation, caulking and weather stripping. A little draft in the winter months may seem insignificant, but if you have heat escaping from your insulated attic space and small spaces around your windows and doors it really adds up!  Collectively, they can equate to having a window half open throughout winter.  You wouldn’t do that, would you?  Insulate hot water lines.  Buy a few tubes of caulk.  Get new weather stripping for your doors.  A Saturday morning of effort will save you a lot of money, and make your home more comfortable.

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Jens Bolleyer

Jens Bolleyer is Vice President of Marketing and Retail Sales at EcoSmart Green Energy Products Inc. Throughout his career, he has been involved in products and services that are aimed at energy or water efficiency. At GE, Jens focused on the Smart Home initiative, developing home automation products, enabling remote control of lighting, and appliances, including heating and cooling to optimize and minimize energy consumption. In his roles at Kohler Company and Elkay manufacturing, he got involved with the promotion of WaterSense® products for the residential and commercial building and remodeling markets. Now at EcoSmart, Jens helps homeowners find ways to save energy, save water and save space with electric tankless water heating products.

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