Use this calculator to prevent frigid temperatures from putting the heat on your wallet

| by Titian Burris
Use this calculator to prevent frigid temperatures from putting the heat on your wallet

The season’s major cold snap has gripped much of the country, sending temperatures plummeting. At the same time, the frigid conditions are putting the heat on scores of American’s wallets in the form of higher costs to heat their homes.

But for those relying on the geothermal pump systems to heat their homes, the financial hit won’t be nearly as bruising. Geothermal saves users money each day throughout the colder months of the year by extracting the natural, constant heat from deep below the Earth’s surface and requiring the pump to work less than other heating methods such as electricity and gas.

ClimateMaster Heats Home

To help consumers determine how much they might be able to save using geothermal heating, ClimateMaster, a leader in the geothermal industry, has created a free calculator that can be accessed at

The site asks users questions about their current home, such as the location, size, insulation and leakage and current heating and cooling approaches. Based on those answers, the calculator determines projected annual savings costs compared to employing a geothermal system.

The calculator even determines a users carbon footprint, showing a chart of cars. Each car equals 4 metric tons. A car driven 12,000 miles annually that gets 25 miles per gallon emits about 4 metric tons of carbon per year.

Geothermal systems, ClimateMaster figures show, typically save consumers 70 to 80 percent in energy expenses compared to traditional electric and gas approaches.

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