Ventilation strategy at Proud Green Home of St. Louis is key to increased air quality, comfort, and durability

| by Matt Belcher
Ventilation strategy at Proud Green Home of St. Louis is key to increased air quality, comfort, and durability

The Proud Green Home of St. Louis was designed and built with a greater emphasis on a healthy indoor atmosphere due to the clients’ small children, one with respiratory sensitivities.

Because of this increased focus, we all agreed that an even higher level of focus on ventilation than our normal advanced application was necessary. Fortunately now there is better ventilation technology available for residential HVAC applications through Zehnder - a company dedicated to engineering high quality, energy efficient ventilation systems for buildings.

Working with Hibbs Homes and, we selected a high performance Zehnder ventilation system to incorporate into the HVAC design of the Proud Green Home of St. Louis. This system is a small unit with its own exterior air source and duct system separate from, but that works in tandem with, the normal heating and cooling system.

The Zehnder system provides a constant air flow bringing in fresh air from the outside and exhausting stale air from the inside at a very low velocity so it is hardly noticeable. Thesystem also acts as an energy recovery device prior to exhausting the air because it pulls the heat from the to pre-heat incoming air in the wintertime, and alternately pre-cooling it in the summer. The capture mechanism functions to optimize the energy consumption and performance of the systems involved in the heating and cooling processes.

The Zehnder system also provides exhaust from the bathrooms to remove moisture produced from showers, etc. The moisture removal creates a healthier indoor environment, and furthers serves as an energy recovery system because it also captures the heat from the moist air prior to exhausting it.

The use of the Zehnder unit, in combination with the home’s highly efficient, geothermal heating and cooling system with advanced filtering and air controls, elevates the indoor air quality exponentially while using very little energy or moving parts. Using these two systems in the Proud Green Home of St. Louis creates an overall HVAC unit specifically designed for better health and comfort, with maintenance and operational costs.

All of us are affected by the impact indoor air quality has on the health and comfort of our homes. The interior of our homes is where we and our families spend most of our time, so a better focus on ventilation is key. Bottom line, the advanced system from Zehnder is an ideal investment because it is a important component in creating a healthy, comfortable home.

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Matt Belcher
Matt Belcher is a nationally recognized builder, author, trainer and consultant on the business of high performance building, with more than 30 years experience in the industry. He is the director of the High Performance Buildings Research Center, part of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Research Consortium at the University of Missouri-Columbia, and a principle with Verdatek Solutions, a consulting firm in Wildwood, Mo. He serves on NAHB’s Board of Directors and as a chairman of NAHB’s Green Building & Energy sub-committee, also serving on NAHB’s Building Codes and Standards sub-committees. www

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