Vinyl Siding: The number one choice of home cladding

| by Jerome Zenoby
Vinyl Siding: The number one choice of home cladding

There are clear, substantiated facts that support the decision of American builders, remodelers and homeowners to use American-made vinyl siding, making it the number one choice for the past 20 years. More single-family homes built in 2013 used vinyl siding than any other option, nearly twice as much as fiber cement. Vinyl siding is widely used on homes in all levels: 29% of homes priced at $200,000-$299,000 and 27% of homes priced from $500,000-$749,000 used vinyl siding*. Among the many benefits of American-made vinyl siding is the fact that 98% of it is certified by an accredited, third party quality-control agency to make sure it meets or exceeds international quality control and performance measures. For more information on benefits and features of vinyl siding visit

*Read more at the Census Bureau website and Vinyl Siding Institue website.

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