Visions Guide Planning, Construction Process Follows

| by Dave Sweet
Visions Guide Planning, Construction Process Follows

Before my wife and I started building our own eco-friendly home we knew what we wanted it to feel like to live in. Our vision guided the planning process and affected every decision along the way. Construction follows a fairly linear timeline but planning doesn't have to! As an example, imagining what it will feel like to be in the kitchen may cause you to rethink window placements to enjoy your landscaping more. In turn, that may add to or change your landscaping plan. Having that clear vision helps consider decisions from different angles.

As an example, I had to choose from several styles and types of windows. Bill Zdon of Zdon Builders reminded me that “at the end of the day a window is really just a giant hole in the side of your home”. Looking at it that way, it didn't make sense to opt for either widows or doors that detracted from the overall project. I needed to  choose from options that met our original desire for an eco-friendly, but liveable and comfortable home. I turned to an expert on windows and doors, David Lee of Rings End Lumber, for thoughts on best options combining high thermal efficiency and the aesthetics we desired.

Others may emphasize efficient mechanical systems to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint, where my big focus has been on the building envelope, including wall construction. This is why I put so much thought into the doors and windows, and why I looked for expert advice.

This all goes back to our original concept of balancing eco-friendly performance with family-friendly living space!

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