Water heaters: the right fit is the best fit

| by Trey Hoffman
Water heaters: the right fit is the best fit

Not every household’s hot water needs are the same. Just like the right pair of shoes, each home’s water heating equipment should be properly sized to ensure the utmost in comfort and efficiency.

Here are some questions to consider in your search for the ideal water heater:

  • How many plumbing fixtures are there in the home? How many sinks, showers, tubs and appliances require hot water? According to the Federal Energy Management Program Energy Cost Calculator, the total daily average of hot water usage is 64 gallons per household.What is the home’s peak hot water usage—the maximum number of fixtures used at the same time—and approximately how much water is used?
  • What is typically the coldest groundwater temperature for the area? Groundwater temperature
  • Is the home gas or electric? Is solar power an option?
  • What are the annual operating costs of the unit?
  • Does the climate allow for exterior installation of a hot water heater?

The answers to the questions above should help in finding the home’s ideal water heater.

For additional information specific to tankless water heaters, click here or for information about proper sizing, visit http://calc.rinnai.us/.

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