What does green comfort mean to you?

| by Dave Sweet
What does green comfort mean to you?

Early in our quest to build an eco-friendly home we said this new house, and the property surrounding it, would be a balance. We want to build in such a way that the structure and the people living in it have as little environmental impact as possible... with one caveat. Our home’s design and construction must allow our family to live comfortably, enjoying the space and the land it rests on so lightly.

As we have invited this blog’s readers to respond, it occurs to us that being “comfortable” in a home means different things to other people. So, what does “green comfort” mean to you in terms of building an environmentally friendly home?

Environmentally friendly buildings must be well insulated, draft free, and so on... so is quiet near the top of your list? Is it important that you can’t hear the TV down the hall? Or that you’re insulated from hearing your neighbors’ kids playing in their yard?

What about open spaces versus privacy? Indoors do you like an open floorplan? Outside do you enjoy expansive views or a yard enclosed by tall hedges?

For your comfort and enjoyment how important is being able to share with friends interesting materials, building methods, and high-tech appliances that reduce the environmental impacts of your home?

Is your ideal environmentally home a passion or a practical exercise in getting the most bang for the buck?

Please feel free to comment here or on our blog site! We’re thinking about this too, and will share our thoughts as we make decisions about our new home.

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