What is poly-ash?

| by Crysta Thomas
What is poly-ash?

Bolstered by a wide range of aesthetic options and affordability, the popularity of composite building materials has multiplied over the last two decades. The ability to closely resemble their wooden counterparts has made composites a viable solution for architects seeking design looks not usually suited for local climates.

Despite the positives, composites are far from the perfect materials. With operative issues fungal infestation, buckling panels, excessive moisture retention and cracking edges, the initial benefits of composites are quickly forgotten. Challenges in product thickness and shaping are also common. 

After recognizing a significant void in the market, product development engineers at Boral began working to create an alternative material that would provide contractors with a comprehensive solution. Nearly six years of internal and third party testing later, Boral introduced its authentic poly-ash structure. Manufactured by combining proprietary polymer chemistry and fly-ash (a by-product of the coal burning process used to generate electricity), Boral TruExterior® Products feature a level of inert properties with virtually no moisture cycling. Ideal for exterior trim and siding applications, the poly-ash structure consists of more than 70 percent recycled or rapidly renewable materials. 

Suitable for ground contact, Boral TruExterior Siding and Trim  are highly resistant to moisture. The poly-ash products can be installed using traditional woodworking tools and methods. Additionally, there is no need for back priming, or to prime or seal end cuts. The product comes primed and may be painted any color. And, unlike wood, there is no need to leave a gap between courses and no sap or tannins to bleed.

As the industry’s first poly-ash product provider, Boral offers an array of full-thickness profiles with bold, defined shapes coupled with a low-maintenance and simple installation message. The superior workability, durability, and dimensional stability of Boral TruExterior™ Products ensure a home safe from the problems associated with moisture intrusion. Homeowners can also easily recreate the classic look traditionally associated with wood products.

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